Mid-Century Wine Rack


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Inspired by the clean lines and creative uses of metals of the mid-20th Century, this handsome rack will take you back to Dean Martin's bachelor pad.  All that's missing is the smoking jacket.

Now comes in 2 seperate sections that can be combined in an array of configurations to suit your space and design ideas.  Racks may be overlapped to create one continuous design, or hung side by side.  Each piece holds 5 bottles and can be rotated 180 degrees.  Some possible arrangements are shown.  Wall-mount with anchors included.

Dimensions: 48"H x 24"W x 4.5"D.

Section 1 20.75”H x 23.75”W

Section 2 24.5”H x 24”W

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  • Model: 010024
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  • Condition: New!