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Solid Mahogany Door with an artistic grape iron grill

Door is 36" wide and 80" tall

All Doors are Pre-hung - Please choose measurements below
Includes hinges and single bore for door knob
Locking hardware and handles/knobs are not included

Solid wood, Brazilian Mahogany - unfinished (picture shows finished door).  We ship unfinished doors so that you can paint/stain/finish the door to match your decor.

The door you are viewing is truly solid. The panels, stiles and rails are 100% solid Brazilian mahogany wood.  Our Brazilian Mahogany is very carefully selected and is superior to other forms of mahogany in the market today.   These are some of the highest end doors in the market today!


*Doors are custom made to order and therefore are not returnable

Please make sure you choose all the options necessary to get the correct door for your space. Make choices as viewed from Outside.

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