Real Stone Veneer and Panels

Real Stone Veneer and Panels

Thin Natural Stone Veneer Products

We offer Thin Stone Veneer made from REAL stone (not man-made, artificial, cement or cultured stone) right here in the USA. Our Stone Veneer product line consists of quarried and weathered natural stones that have been cut to 1 inch thick and weigh less than 15lb per square foot. Use for interior or exterior projects.

Benefits of Thin Stone Veneer:

  • Sawn pieces of stone 1 inch thick
  • Lightweight
  • Does not require a load bearing foundation
  • Sticks directly to structure's wall
  • Available in both flats and corners so that finished product looks completely realistic

Available in several face shapes:

  • Mosaic - irregular shapes consisting mostly of triangles and octagons
  • Square & Rectangular - stones are mostly square or rectangular in shape
  • Round - rounded shapes
  • Ledgestone - thin strips of natural stone
  • Ashlar - taller than ledgestone with a roughly rectangular shape

An experienced installer is recommended for best results.

stone veneer corners

Real Stone Thin Veneer

Natural Stacked Stone Ledger Panels

Our Natural Stacked Stone Ledger Panels are trimmed pieces of REAL stone affixed together to form interlocking panels. This allows for fast and efficient installation of a beautiful stacked stone veneer. Available in flat interlocking panels and corner "L" interlocking panels for 90-degree outside corners. Flats are 6 inch by 24 inch. Corners are 6 inches in height and vary in width (usually 12 inches by 6 inches)

stone veneer panels

Real Stone Veneer Panels

Request a Quote

Both the Real Stone Veneer and Real Stone Panels vary in availability. In addition, because the product is real stone, it must ship via a freight carrier. Because of this, we must request availability and a shipping quote from the manufacturer prior to sale.

Please take a few moments to provide us with the necessary information about your project and we will contact you with pricing and turn-around time.

Required to provide an accurate shipping quote

Product is heavy and usually ships on a truck with a liftgate. If you have a loading dock and/or forklift it may make shipping charges less expensive.

Multiply the Height(in feet) by the Width(in feet) of the areas to be covered to calculate square footage.

Please provide the approximate square footage of the areas to be covered.

Stone Choice

Please tell us your preferences with regard to which Thin Stone you need. We offer Thin Stone Veneer as well as Thin Stone Ledger Panels.

Thin Stone Veneer

Thin Stone Veneer is natural stone that has been sliced to 1 inch thick. Application requires placing individual stone pieces. Experienced installer recommended.

Price range - $18-$27/sq. foot

Stacked Stone Ledger Panels

Natural Stacked Stone Ledger Panels are trimmed pieces of REAL stone affixed together to form modular interlocking panels.

Price range - $12-$40 per panel
Sold in boxes of 6 panels

Is there anything else we should know about your project?

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