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Belgian Ale TrueBrew Ingredient Kit


A strong and spicy, golden ale made with real Belgian candy sugar and a touch of bready wheat malt. This Belgian Ale is balanced with Czech and Slovenian hops, and fermented with a Belgian yeast, giving it wonderful complexity.


Specialty Grain, Crushed
6 oz Crisp Best Ale Malt

1 × 3.3 lb can Light Liquid Malt Extract
1 × 1 lb Extra Light Dry Malt Extract
1 × 1 lb Light Dry Malt Extract
1 × 1 lb Wheat Dry Malt Extract
1 × 1 lb Light Candy Sugar

Hops & Flavorings
1 oz German Northern Brewer Hop Pellets
1 oz Slovenian Styrian Golding Hop Pellets
1 oz Czech Saaz Hop Pellets

11.5 g Fermentis SafBrew T-58

5 oz Priming Sugar
Muslin Bag
Instruction Sheet

IBU 15.5 %

ABV 6.5-7.0

O.G. 1.058-1.062

F.G. 1.007-1.011

Difficulty Easy

Color Gold

Ready 2-4 Weeks