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Ravenscroft Crystal Duck Decanter

MODEL: W3676
UPC: 871661000605

Hand made in Europe by the world's most renowned wine-glass makers, The Ravenscroft Crystal Duck Decanter, strikingly graceful, is blown from brilliant lead-free crystal. While the most common use of a decanter is to prevent sediment in an aged red wine from spoiling the wine's clarity and brilliance or opening up a wine by exposing it to air, few decanters can compete for elegance with the Ravenscroft Crystal Duck decanter. This spectacular decanter inspired by the shape of a duck contributes a breathtaking elegance to a dinner table. Standing 5 inches high at the handle, it measures 13 inches from "tail" to "beak".

Available in clear or cobalt blue

Height: 5 in.
Width: 13 in.
Capacity: 46 oz.