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VintageView Vinolet

Wall Mounted wine rack holding 4 glassware and 4 wine bottles with a shelf on top for display or additional storage. Brand new from VintageView comes the Vinolet (pronounced vino-lay). The initial shipment of Vinolet racks does not meet the usual quality control standards of VintageView and so they are offering these as factory seconds.

These racks are structurally sound, the flaws are purely cosmetic.  The attached images show some of the flaws, mostly welds that are not smooth and flush with the surface.  VintageView will honor their limited lifetime warranty should any structural failure occur.

This special price is only available while supplies last.



Product Dimensions

Height: 11.7"
Width: 25"
Depth: 5 1/2"

Frame Dimensions

Height: 11."
Width: 21.1"
Depth: 1"

VintageView Vinolet