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Our plug-and-play 12V Adapter converts the AC voltage of your home or business to the 12V DC needed for your energy-efficient LED lighting. Converting your voltage with a 12V Adapter is easy: just plug your LED lights into the 1/4 inch jack of the 12V Adapter either directly or using one of our simple connectors. Then, plug the adapter into your wall socket. All of our 12V Adapters are compatible with 100V - 240V AC, 50/60 Hz systems, which means you can use them in any country in the world. Available in white or black. Cable length of each adapter is 45 inches.

Our 12V Adapters come in a variety of sizes to power small and large installations. To select the right 12V Adapter, just multiply the total length of strip light (in feet) by the wattage consumed per foot. For example, 12 Ft of Linear LED Lighting uses 1.44 Watts per foot.

12 Ft x 1.44 Watts = 17.28 Watts

Our 12V Adapters are available in 12W, 24W, 36W, and 60W options. In the case of this example, the 24 Watt version of our 12V Adapters would be appropriate, as the total wattage of the installation is lower than 24 Watts. NOTE: The total wattage of the installation should not exceed 80% of the wattage rating of any adapter.

To size the correct 12V Adapter for our linear LED lighting, refer the following specifications:

  •  Linear LED Lighting: 0.72 Watts/Ft
  •  Linear LED Lighting: 1.44 Watts/Ft


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