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Boston Blend Round All Natural Stone Veneer


Round Stone Veneer has the irregular outside shapes of a smooth yet irregular mosaic pattern, with the depth and impact of rounded stones. Its rustic qualities lend themselves well to an Old-World style. Its natural face shows the weathered exterior of the stone. Round is the most traditional New England shape.

Available in the following sizes:

Regular (0.25-1.25 sf)
Small (0.05-0.75 sf)Sizes

Regular Size: 0.25-1.25 sf per piece
Small Size: 0.05 - 0.75 sf per piece
Thickness: 1 inch
Weight: Less than 14 lbs per sf

Packaging Flats: 5 sf box or 168 sf crate

Please Note:  All natural stone veneer is drop-shipped from the manufacturer via Freight carrier.  Because of the size and weight of the shipments your online order will not include shipping charges.  We will contact you upon receipt of your order to provide you with the shipping costs and estimated time for delivery.

If you would like a quote in advance, please call us at 845-658-7181. You can expect shipping to cost approximately $100-$450 per 168 sq. ft. crate depending on your shipping location.  Stone ships from Massachusetts.

Veneer Style

Starting at: $106.70