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  • Vino Pins 2-Bottle Kit (Double Bottle Depth)
  • Vino Pins 2-Bottle Kit (Double Bottle Depth)

The blank wall in your kitchen, living room or entertaining area is a canvass waiting to hold your beautiful wine display. Designed to mount direct to any wall surface with our proprietary anchor systems, the Vino Pins 2 Bottle Kit is a metal wine rack set that offers a stylish and minimalist approach to wine storage for both private and commercial collections of any size, in double-bottle depth style.

This is the only metal wine rack peg system that can mount direct to drywall, masonry or wood — no backer board needed.

Vino Pins Specifics:

  • Mounting collars available (required for all drywall installations)
  • Includes one (1) Vino Pins starter set and one (1) Vino Pins extension piece
  • Comes with hardware to attach direct to any drywall (collars only) or wood surface (minimum 1/2-inch thickness required)
  • For masonry installations, please order the additional Masonry Hardware Kits
  • Holds standard 750 mL or 375 mL bottles.
  • Milled aluminum (Acrylic not available)
  • Easy-to-assemble wall-mounted racks
  • Build storage capacity by the bottle

* When displaying 1.5L bottles, Vino Pins can only be configured in single bottle depth
**Vino Pins can be extended to a three-bottle depth only. 

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Vino Pins 2-Bottle Kit (Double Bottle Depth)


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