Floor-to-Ceiling Extension Bracket

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Products Description

This bracket allows the installation of a wine display to just about any height imaginable — even if wall-mounting areas are limited. The Extension connects Floor-to-Ceiling Frame sections together, attached to a wall surface at five-foot intervals. The Extension Bracket connects two FCF-HD pieces to a wall with 2 inches of clearance from the wall to connection points. Each set includes two pieces, enough to connect an FCF-HD set.


  • Connects multiple Floor-to-Ceiling Frames to the wall at 5-foot intervals
  • 15-foot height maximum
  • Stabilizes Floor-to-Ceiling Frames by securing to a wall
  • Made of steel with a choice of finishes to match racking

Additional Information
  • Model: FCF-2EX
  • Regular Price: $ 30
  • Condition: New!