Vino Rails Designer Kits 9 Bottle

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Products Desciption

Designer kits come with stylish label-forward Vino Rails starter sets in choice of milled aluminum or anodized black finishes; an easy to use 36-inch wide printed plotting guide that can be taped to the wall during installation; and all the hardware (including aluminum collars) needed to install direct to wood, stud, or drywall surfaces.

Vino Rails Designer Kit Specifics:

  • Includes 9 Vino Rails sets (bottle count)

  • 36-inch wide installation plotting guide

  • Hardware to attach direct to any drywall (collars required) or wood surface (minimum 1/2-inch thickness required)

  • For masonry installations, please order the additional Masonry Hardware Kits

  • Holds standard 750 mL, 375 mL and 1.5 L bottles.

  • Choice of milled aluminum or black anodized aluminum construction including wall collars

  • Easy-to-assemble wall-mounted racks

Additional Information
  • Model: VRC-DESIGN-9
  • Regular Price: $ 135
  • Condition: New!