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Ravenscroft Classic Coll. Grand Cru White Burgundy - Set of 4

MODEL: W6506
UPC: 871661001176

The Ravenscroft Crystal Grand Cru White Burgundy glass, with a wide low chimney bowl, is the perfect tool to tame the oak and alcohol of the worlds greatest Chardonnay based wines. Complex and dense, the greatest examples of Chardonnay are flattered by this acid enhancing design which directs the flow of wine to the edges of the tongue delivering a balanced experience. Aromas of great Chardonnay are rather dense and do not need a high and tight chimney to be concentrated. A high and tight chimney would only accent alcohol and oak while distracting from the wonderful fruit driven aromas of great Chardonnay. Like all Ravenscroft Crystal glasses the Ravenscroft Crystal Grand Cru White Burgundy glass is hand made in Europe of lead-free crystal.

Height 8 in.
Capacity 20 oz.

Recommended for:
Burgundy (white), Corton-Charlemagne, Montrachet and New World Chardonnay