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Ravenscroft Crystal Amplfier Vintner's Tasting Glass - Set of 4

MODEL: W6238

The Ravenscroft Crystal Amplifier Vintner's Tasting Glass is the true professional taster. The great wine importers will be found with these glasses in camera cases hanging around their necks tasting in the most prestigious cellars of the world as their final defense when making their annual treks to buy. Professional wineries trust the Ravenscroft Crystal Amplifier Vintner's Tasting Glass when blending their most significant wines. . There is no better glass to critically evaluate a wine… They are unforgiving of flaws and at the same time flattering of finesse. This is the perfect all purpose tasting glass – beautifully showcases wines using just a one ounce pour. Hand made by old world European craftsmen of the finest lead-free crystal.

Height 4 1/4 in.
Capacity 14 oz.

Recommended for:
Reds & Whites