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Ravenscroft Crystal Amplifier Mature Red Wine - Set of 4

MODEL: W6346
UPC: 871661000971

A wide bowl and narrow chimney of the Ravenscroft Amplifier Mature Red Wine glass amplifies the bouquet of mature red wine. The tight narrow opening and expansive bowl will expertly amplify and concentrate the delicate perfume of mature red wines. The intensity delivered by this bowl is unmatched by any other design. This brilliant, lead-free European Ravenscroft Crystal Amplifier Mature Red Wine Glass will intensify and focus the bouquet of developed red wines making your experience breathtakingly intense. No glass is a more effective delivery vehicle for mature red wines. Hand made in Europe.

Height 8 1/2 in.
Capacity 220 oz.

Recommended for:
Mature Reds: Barolo, Bordeaux and Burgundy