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1 Ton Wine Guardian


Wine Guardian Capacity: 1200-6000 cu.ft.
Dimensions: 33" w x 22" d x 14" h

Versatile and self-contained, our ducted wine cooling systems offer maximum flexibility in design and installation. They also provide cooling for any sized area, whether you are storing in a residential, restaurant or commercial wine cellar.

With ducted wine conditioning systems, a grille on the inside wall is connected by insulated flexible ductwork to a self-contained unit outside the wine cellar that contains the evaporator, fans, compressor, condenser and controls. This system can be placed in any indoor location outside the cellar resulting in a quiet cellar with no obtrusive equipment taking up valuable racking space. Ducted wine room systems are ideal for larger private or commercial wine cellars.

All Wine Guardian Ducted units also include a Remote Interface Controller, 1 Supply Duct Collar, 1 Return Duct Collar

Dimensions: 33" w x 22" d x 14" h
(dimensions will change with addition of humidfier or heater)

Standard Features:

  • 1/4-ton to 2-ton capacities (3,300 to 16,200 BTH)
  • Multi-panel design provides easy access for service
  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, all aluminum outer body
  • High static pressure fans for extended lengths of ductwork
  • Multiple supply and return air opening for installation flexibility
  • Completely self-contained design
  • Factory tested prior to shipment
  • Certified to Underwriters Laboratory standards
  • 24/7 factory service hotline support

Available Options:

  • Humidification - Drip pad type humidifier with integral evaporator fan, water valves and controls. Powered by the Wine Guardian Unit.
  • Electric Heat - Integral electric heater coil and and controls. Heater turns on to protect wine cellar from low temperature conditions. Ideal for areas where ambient temperature falls below 50 degrees F.
  • Low Ambient - Integral compressor crankcase heater to protect against low temperatures. Integral low ambient refrigerant control valves to control condenser operation. Required when inlet air to the condenser coil is below 40 degrees F.
  • Serving Temperature - The factory configured serving-temperature option allows a Wine Guardian unit to control to an extended temperature range from 42 degrees F to 64 degrees F. Perfect for single to multiple cabinet applications and small wine rooms in which consumption-temperature cooling is preferred. It also allows the user to rotate wine stock and change the set point from season to season, making it ideal for restaurants, wine bars, clubs, etc.
  • Vertical Unit - Cooling unit is available in a vertical orientation that may fit better in certain spaces.

The capacity listed for these units makes the following assumptions:

  1. 8.0 foot ceilings thru-out
  2. Poor construction assumes an overall insulation value of R7, average assumes R13 and good assumes R21   
  3. Ambient and condensing temp. is 85 deg.F     
  4. Room setpoint is 55 deg.F   
  5. All rooms have 25 feet of duct from unit to cellar   
  6. Room is square or rectangular (area = W x L )   
  7. All cellars are on concrete floors below grade 
  8. Bottle storage capacity = 18 bottles/sq. ft. of floor area assuming stacked 72" high, 12"deep and 36" isles and 85% utilization
  9. Residential = 2 door opngs./day with 1 person and 1 watt/sq.ft. intermittent, 0 continuous lights, one 6 sq. ft. window, one door, one hot wall on short wall, one bottle/day turnover
  10. Restaurant = 16 door opngs./day with 1 person and 2 watts/sq.ft. intermittent, 1 watt/sq.ft. continuous, 0.25 bottles/sq.ft. turnover, one short hot wall, one 12sq.ft. window, one door
  11. Retail/Storage = 36 door opngs./day with 2 people and 3 watts/sq.ft. continuous lighting, 0.5 bottles/sq.ft. turnover, one short hot wall, 2 doors (one from unconditioned space), one 12 sq.ft. window
  12. Minimum of four (4) air changes per hour for good circulation and distribution

3 Year Extended Warranty available - covers compressor only

Moniteur du Vin available - wine cellar monitoring system

Upon receipt of your order, one of our customer service representatives may contact you for more information about your space in order to ensure you have chosen the proper unit.  We will then confirm your options and provide you with a shipping time and expected delivery date. Product is made to order and drop shipped from the manufacturer. Expect a lead time of 1-2 weeks


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Wine Guardian Add Ons

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