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Wine Guardian Humidifier


Wine Guardian Humidifier

Humidifier features
All Wine Guardian humidifier models include the following:

  • Digital controls work off of Wine Guardian’s remote indicator. There’s no need for separate controller.
  • Evaporative drip pad system with removable, cleanable pad
  • Built-in fans for optimal air circulation
  • Commercial grade and lightweight, corrosion-resistant components
  • 25 feet (8 meters) of control cable pre-wired to the unit for easy plug in
  • Drip pad access cover for easy maintenance
  • Warranteed to two years (parts) and one year (labor)
  • Made in the USA

Additional features:
Integrated Model

  • Installs on either side of system for application flexibility
  • 24-volt power directly from Wine Guardian unit; no separate power source required
  • Uses same WG remote interface for control and readout

Freestanding (for all models including Through-the-Wall)

  • Sleek, modern supply grille (removable)
  • Can be mounted through the wall, through the racking or on the wall for installation flexibility
  • Includes sealed, plug-in transformer and lead cord to allow the unit to operated independently of the cellar cooling system
  • Can be used with competitive wine cooling systems

Humidifier Specifications

Supply Water - Temperature 60-100 Deg F(16-38 Deg C), Capacity 0.42lbs/hr-1.0lbs/hour (0.19kg/hr - 0.45kg/hr)

Controls - Cellar-mounted Wine Guardian remote interface controller

Power Requirements:

Freestanding - 115volt, 1 phase, 60hz (220/240 volt, 1 phase, 50hz) when operating independently of the wine cooling system
                         - 24 volt (50/60hz) when powered through the Wine Guardian

Integrated - 24 volt (50/60hz) when direct connected to Wine Guardian

Choose from 3 Different Options:

Integrated with Wine Guardian Unit (not available with TTW units) - includes power/control cable and mounting plate
Standalone powered by Wine Guardian Unit - includes power/control cable, wall bracket and grill
Standalone no Wine Guardian Unit - includes power plug, wall bracket and grille

Product is made to order and drop shipped from the manufacturer. Expect a lead time of 1-2 weeks

Data Sheet

Download the Manual

Starting at: $775.00