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38 x 22mm Straight Corks - Bag of 100

MODEL: 6202B
UPC: 849731003610

Straight Wine Corks - Bag of 100

Micro-agglomerated corks are very durable, easy to use, and extremely affordable. Micro-agglomerated corks are a recent advance in the industry that gives the cork better consistency & reliability, greater elasticity, as well as a smoother, more uniform feel and appearance. These corks are perfectly suited for using with home winemaking kits, and ours are unique sizes which make it easier to insert with small, hand-operated corkers. Neutrocork® is the latest in new-generation natural cork closures. The Neutrocork® is recommended for wines intended for consumption within two years.

Neutrocork® 38 × 22 mm 100 count

Legacy Sizing: No. 8 × 1½″