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Aervana - Tube Set - Magnum


The Magnum Tube Set provides two tubes optimized for use with a standard 1.5 L Magnum bottle. The tubes included are of two different lengths to accommodate Magnum bottles of varying overall height and punt height. Both tubes are designed to work with your Aervana Electric Wine Aerator. Simply attach the appropriate length tube to your Aervana, following the standard instructions provided, and you’ll be ready to aerate Magnum bottle wines.

The Aervana pump is optimized for a standard 750ml bottle, so you will notice a difference when using it on a magnum bottle. The Aervana works by pressurizing the empty air space in the bottle and as the pressure builds up it pushes the wine up the tube and out of the spout. As you dispense wine from your magnum bottle, you will notice the flow volume will slow considerably as you near the half-full point. This is normal and is due to the Aervana having to pressurize up to double the volume of space in the magnum bottle as that of a standard-sized wine bottle. Please note this slower dispensing speed will not affect the amount of aeration.


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