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Love the Wine You're With - Artwork


“If You Can’t be With the Wine You Love, Love the Wine You’re With”.

Great gift for any wine lover or part of an ongoing collection. Laser cut, framed, custom colored artwork by artist Glenn Grubard.  Each piece is a unique creation with the artist's choice of colorscheme based on your choice of frame color.  No two pieces are alike.

Available in 2 sizes: 8" x 8" (image size 7" x 7") or 12" x 12" (image size 10" x 10")

About the Artist

Glenn M. Grubard
Mixed Media Artist

Self taught, mixed media artist Glenn Grubard has developed a unique art form based on the centuries old technique of paper cutting. Glenn is an accomplished creative designer, with years of experience in the commercial design world.

Most of his work has inspirational sayings or calming prayers inserted to encourage and motivate those who receive his unique works. In these intricate designs, he creates continuous connections of laser cut works of art. In all of his three dimensional pieces he uses only the finest properties museum quality art board for all of the 3 dimensional cut art pieces. All of the base materials used challenges the effects of time, as well as the environment. The surface is designed to deliver a smoother, cleaner cut. The museum board colors are solid throughout and meet the “Library of Congress Standards for Archival Properties”. All paints applied are water based acrylics, environmentally friendly and safe for the environment. Great for a gift, special occasion or part of a collection. Any design can be custom created for your desired color scheme or personalized for a loved one.

Frame Color



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