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Modularack Pro Waterfall Gondola Deluxe - 312 Bottle


Modularack is one of the strongest and most stable racks available on the market and the secret is in the wood…manufactured from plantation-grown Radiata Pine in Australia. Australia’s environmentally sound Radiata pine is a remarkable cultivated species of tree with its origin in California.
•Quick and easy assembly using no tools
•Being modular, you can easily add racking as your wine collection grows.
•Racks can hold standard wine or Champagne bottles.
•Stores wine bottles in preferred position so corks remain moist.

The WATERFALL GONDOLA is basically two WATERFALL units placed back to back. The result is four-bottle deep storage with a 48 bottle display and it is topped off with two 12in. beveled top shelves for 8 square feed of additional shelf display.

312 Bottles - 48" H x 48" W x 48" D - 9 Tiers high

Available in Natural or Stained Finish

Ask about Imprinting Options! Laser Engraving and ColorBlast (1-4 colors) imprinting on all Modularacks. One time set-up fee and minimum orders may apply.

Starting at: $1,602.00