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Custom Wine Cellar Design with Premium Series Cellar Racking in 2020 and Chief Architect

Create custom wine cellar designs in 3D with Premium Series Catalog in 2020 and Chief Architect Software

Are you an Architect, Interior Designer or a creative "Do-it-Yourself-er"? Designers can now use our Premium Series Catalog in 2020™ and Chief Architect® software applications, which allow you to design stunning custom wine cellars from top to bottom. is thrilled to have forged a partnerships with 2020 and Chief Architect® Software. 2020™ is an interior design software company that assists professional designers, manufacturers and retailers in the furniture and interior design industries. Chief Architect® is an industry standard, 3-D design software, that also offers a "home user" version called Home Designer®. Our software partnerships allow us to offer the same racks we use in all of our custom designs to 2020™, Chief Architect® and Home Designer® software owners.

With our Premium Series wine rack components, you can create complete wine cellar designs with all the features you'd find in a custom design by one of our in-house designers. The catalog includes all the components you need:

You can view our online catalog of a selection of Premium Series Cellar Racks here.

By using the library in your software you can design your entire wine cellar, just the way YOU want it and when your design is complete, send it on to us to place your order. It is just that simple! The component library contains all the racking dimensions and stock numbers, so it makes it very simple for you to order just what you need to build your cellar.

Our wine cellar racking catalogs are available to download from:

If you are not a professional designer, or do not want to do it all yourself, our in-house designers are always at your service to assist you in creating the wine cellar of your dreams. For more details on how we can help you with your cellar, please visit our Cellar Design Services page.