Evolution Wine Tower 72in Metal and Acrylic Wine Rack



  • Base: 72”x 40 1/2”x12-1/8”. Holds up to 126 bottles (750ml and 1.5L)), label forward
  • W/1 Extension: 72”x80 1/2”x12-1/8”. Holds up to 252 bottles (750ml and 1.5L)), label forward
  • W/2 Extensions: 72”x120 1/2”x12-1/8”. Holds up to 378 bottles (750ml and 1.5L)), label forward
  • W/3 Extensions: 72”x160 1/2”x12-1/8”. Holds up to 504 bottles (750ml and 1.5L)), label forward

The ultimate in contemporary wine racking, the Wine Tower 72” kit is a chic blend of near invisible acrylic support panels and steel wine rods allowing for a most minimalist approach to wine bottle storage. Offered with the ease of freestanding design.

This wine-styled bookcase is a designer’s dream and offers both VintageView’s hallmark label-forward bottle design (as in you can see the bottle’s label when stored) and ingenuity that allows the ease of expanding capacity using Extension Kits.

The Wine Tower 72” offers a balanced approach to wine storage, is impossibly thin at just more than 1-foot deep, and holds 126 bottles of wine per section.

STYLISH, CONTEMPORARY WINE STORAGE: The perfect intersection of size and storage, this metal and acrylic wine rack kit showcases a range of height (47”, 72”, 92”) options in a modern fashion and can be extended to the side to reach any commercial or residential collection requirements.

DURABLE MATERIAL & SLEEK FINISH: Built durable clear acrylic and high-quality steel Wine Rods offered in matte black, chrome, or golden bronze finishes.

KEY FEATURES: Backed by a lifetime warranty, this modern wine storage option is easy-to-assemble in your home or restaurant. All assembly hardware and Evolution Wine Tower Wall Clamp(s) included.

Add the Evolution Wine Shelf on any set of rods to add stable shelf storage.

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Bottle Capacity 101 to 150 Bottles
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