Certified Partner Program

WineRacks.com Partner ProgramWine consumption is on the rise, with over 120 million Americans drinking wine, and 38% of them drinking weekly (Nielsen, 2017). Many Americans are also ‘buying up’ when purchasing wine meaning they are spending more money per bottle (Nielsen, 2017).

In addition, 31% of new-home buyers with an annual household income of $150,000 or more named wine storage as their most desired amenity (Realtor.com, 2017). These trends will translate to more homeowners looking to build a custom wine storage solution in their home or purchase a new home with one in it.

Our Certified Partner Program is designed to empower you take advantage of these trends by helping you expand your portfolio to include custom wine storage solutions.

Certified Partners are trained on effective techniques for scoping, designing and implementing your wine storage solutions. We also support Certified Partners by providing them access to project showcases, product samples and display and other supporting content to leverage for client engagements.

As a Certified Partner we can offer you:

  • Traditional and contemporary systems including VintageView and peg systems
  • End-to-end solutions including environmental control, doors, flooring, wall treatments and lighting
  • Discount pricing on our product portfolio and custom solutions
  • Use of our 3-D Component Library which is compatible with 2020, SketchUp™,Chief Architect, ProKitchen and AutoCAD software

Therefore as a Certified Partner you will be empowered to offer custom wine storage solutions as part of your portfolio which will contribute to the growth of your business and increased profits.
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