Closet and Garage Conversion Specialists

Closet ConversionA well-placed closet or a sizable garage are two of the most coveted features of any house. However, these spaces are no longer being sought after for just storage but a way for homeowners to carve out something they might not otherwise have room for. Each space and homeowner need is unique thus requiring Closet and Garage Conversion Specialists to be innovative in how they approach every opportunity.

To properly address this trend, as a Conversion Specialist, you must constantly look to broaden your skill set so you are prepared to offer solutions that address any/all client needs. Given the vast diversity of spaces to work with, it is also critical for you pair with partners that can supply you a flexible product catalog to utilize for a solution.

The Wine Rack Company offers a unique approach to solving both of these challenges via our Partner Programs. Certified Partners receive ongoing training on effective techniques for scoping, designing and implementing wine storage solutions. Partners have access to our team of designers who can develop a custom solution based on your specifications. In addition, our product portfolio is modular by design and is compatible with 2020, SketchUp™,Chief Architect, ProKitchen, FormZ, AutoCAD software and many more

Additional program benefits include:

  • Traditional and contemporary systems including VintageView and peg systems
  • End-to-end solutions including environmental control, doors, flooring, wall treatments and lighting
  • Discount pricing on our product portfolio and custom solutions
  • Ongoing access to our project showcases, product samples, displays and supporting content regarding the latest trends in the industry

As a result, once you become a Partner we will continuously provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to be successful.

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