Commercial Wooden Wine Racks in Brotherhood Winery

April 23, 2022

We have the distinct pleasure of having our American made wood wine racks in Brotherhood Winery. Established in 1839 in Washingtonville, Brotherhood Winery is not only the oldest winery in New York State but the oldest operating winery in the United States.

The winery managed to remain open during the period of Prohibition in the United States by producing sacramental wine which was used by churches.

Our round island front and center. Find this and more commercial wood racks at

Today, Brotherhood Winery is on the National Register of Historic Places and has won numerous awards for its fantastic wines. Brotherhood Winery also takes part yearly in the Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest which we're proud to sponsor every year.

Naturally, we're pleased to be part of this winery's fantastic legacy and it is always great to work with another amazing American company like this one.

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