Custom Cellar Case Studies: Fairway Market, Part I

March 30, 2022

We at are proud to announce that some of our custom wine racks will be appearing in Fairway Market's Stanford, Connecticut location! We'll be delivering them soon, just in time for the December opening of their wine & spirits store.

We knew we had a lot of work ahead of us when Fairway contacted us about the job. For one, we had to custom design each and every rack from scratch to fit their precise specifications. Naturally, we're always up to the challenge!

We offer free custom designs for all our customers, whether you're looking for a few racks for your home or a slew for your business. Using Google SketchUp and AutoCAD, we can easily create a 3-D image so that the customer might see the final product even before we start building.

In this case, we began by creating a visualization in Google SketchUp of the 6,500 square foot space that would become Fairway's Wine & Liquor Store.

With the building rendered, it was time to start visually constructing the wine racks. With the desires and the specifications of our client in mind, our trusty design consults set to work crafting a tangible 3-D image of the racks inside the space.

Bit by bit, the space came together.

To construct a better visual, we created multiple renderings from multiple angles.

By doing so, we gave our client a complete idea of what their space would look like according to their very own specifications. This allows us to address any issues that make exist in the design before even a single piece of wood was cut. After all, we want you to have the space of your dreams!

Once the client was completely satisfied, it finally became time to build their racks. Of course, that is a post for another day.

Be on a look out for more coverage in the coming weeks culminating in the grand opening of the Fairway Wine & Liquor store.