How To Organize Your Wine Collection

Once you’ve decided on a wine rack to purchase or have worked with us to design your cellar, you may be asking yourself “how in the world am I going to organize all of my wine?”

Though a seemingly simple question, it is an important one. After all, keeping track of your wine as it ages is a vital aspect of storing it.

There are a few easy ways to store your wine collection, starting with organizing your bottles by the date when the wine was “born” or made.

By arranging the bottles so that the labels of the wine are clearly visible, you can easily keep track of the vintages. This manner of organizing your wines allows you to age your wines accordingly.

Adding a wine tag to the neck of a bottle of wine is another way to keep wines organized by date.

If you don’t plan on storing your wines for an extended period of time or don’t possess more than a few vintages than another great method of organization is by variety. Organizing wines from red to white, from Cabernet to Riesling, can be a fantastic way of keeping like wines together for easy access in the future.

When your meal calls for a specific pairing, it won’t be hard to find!

If all else fails, organizing your wines in alphabetical order or from cheapest to the most expensive are two additional ways to keep track of your wines. In the end, it is most important to find what works for you and simply have fun with it.