Introducing Exclusive Wine Stacks


Introducing Exclusive Wine Stacks! Check out our new line of Made In America wine racks while they’re on sale for a limited time, starting at $30.

Our Wine Stacks come fully assembled in three different wood species: mahogany, oak, and pine. We offer a variety of racks in this new line that can be mixed and matched to create your own unique wine storage system.

The individual bottle rack will store 12 bottles inside the rack. You can store another 4 on top if you choose. This rack will store up to a Champagne size 750ml bottle.

Three varieties of bin racks give you the option to store a variety of odd shaped or larger bottles while also breaking up the look of your racking.

We also offer a stemware rack for all your precious glassware.

Stacks are 18 3/4″ wide x 12″ high and 12 3/8″ deep to fully support a wine bottle. They are made of unfinished solid wood right in our New York factory. Put one on your counter, sell them in your store or stack a few to make a mini-wine cellar.