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Wine Racks for Cabinets & Counters
Kitchen Wine Racks Counter

We here at understand that not everyone has a collection that necessitates a large wine cellar complete with climate control. Kitchen wine racks that fit on your counter (or built into cabinets) are growing in popularity.

There’s nothing wrong with being a casual wine drinker who isn’t interested in long term wine storage. After all, keeping around only bottle or two of wine for special occasions or to pop open while cooking is just another way of enjoying wine!

Thankfully, we have many small capacity wine racks that are perfect for that type of wine connoisseur.

Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks

For starters, our Wine Rack Cabinet Inserts are perfect for the wine drinker with a drawer or two to spare in their kitchen. These slides are available in 12 bottle, 18 bottle or 24 bottle sizes.

These slides are designed to slip right into a drawer and will seamlessly slide out as needed. Great for grabbing and going while entertaining.

Wall Mounted Racking

Wall mounted wine racks are also a fantastic option for a kitchen space.

We have a wide variety of racks that fit snugly on the wall, perfect for those particularly small spaces.

The wine ledge, for example, takes up less than a foot in width while keeping nine bottles of wine ready for your next occasion.

We even have a hanging stemware rack if you have some ceiling space to spare!

Perhaps you rent so you’re wary about nailing a rack into the wall or perhaps you just want instead to display your bottles openly.

We have plenty of tabletop and counter racks that can work in a variety of spaces. The bali, for example, is a fun modern wine rack that stores bottles upon its wavy rows.

Of course, if you do have a bit more space in your kitchen and want some more dedicated wine storage then we have you covered as well. Perhaps you have a small, unused pantry that you’re rather see storing your wines than some boring old dry goods.

Kitchen pantry turned small wine cellar with our cellar cubes and some upper wine racks

As you can see, there are a plethora of options for keeping all sorts of wine collections safe and stored beautifully in any manner of size kitchen! Check out our Kitchen & Dining Wine Storage Ideas Gallery for more kitchen wine racks inspiration.

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