General Contractors & Home Improvement Specialists

We know that as a home improvement specialist or a general contractor, you’re often asked to wear many hats. This requires you to not only possess the knowledge and skills necessary to get the job done but to also need access to a network of specialists who can deliver the necessary results. After all, it is critical to a project’s success to meet increased client demands with such resources as custom designs and efficient implementation plans.

The Wine Rack Company can provide you with everything you need in order to design and install a custom wine storage solution for your clients. We can also ensure that you remain up to speed on the latest trends and available options.

As a Loyalist Partner, we can offer you:

  • Access to our team of designers who can develop a custom solution based on your specifications.
  • Traditional and contemporary systems including VintageView and peg systems
  • End-to-end solutions including environmental control, doors, flooring, wall treatments and lighting
  • Discount pricing on our product portfolio and custom solutions
  • Ongoing access to our project showcases, product samples, and displays.

As a result, being a Loyalist Partner will empower you to successfully deliver for your clients which will lead to more referrals and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Do you do have 3D design software and do your own designs? Our Certified Partner Program might be the right option for you.

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