Premium Series Custom Cellar Racking Assembly Instructions

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Premium Series Cellar Racking

Many of our instructions for the Premium Series cover multiple widths of the same height rack as assembly is the same or similar for each size.

Please unpack and assemble one rack at a time so that pieces do not get mixed up. When assembling an entire wine cellar, place corner racks first. Assemble base racks and then upper racks. If you want to attach racks to your wall, you should pre-drill through the rear spacer bars and screw into your wall surface or purchase simple “L”-shaped brackets from your local hardware store and fasteners appropriate for your wall surface. Crown molding, toe kick and filler pieces are sold in fixed lengths and must be cut to fit on site.

78 in. Tall – Full Height Racks

39 3/4 in. Tall Base Racks

Upper Racking