VintageView Product Specifications

Because VintageView systems require specific spacing and mounting in order to function properly, we have provided the individual product specifications for most of the VintageView products here. These should help you to assess the space required to install your system. We also offer free design services if you you need assistance with creating your storage systems.

Wall Series

1 Bottle Deep2 Bottles Deep3 Bottles Deep
1 Ft. HighWS11WS12WS13
2 Ft. HighWS21WS22WS23
3 Ft. HighWS31WS32WS33
4 Ft. HighWS41WS42WS43

Wall Series Single WSMAG1 WSMAG2 WSBIG1
Presentation Rack 3 Bottle Presentation Rack 9 Bottle Stemware Rack 1 Deep Stemware Rack 2 Deep

Floor to Ceiling Frames

FCF FCF Magnum

Evolution Wine Wall

1 Bottle Deep2 Bottles Deep3 Bottles Deep
5 In. TallWW-051WW-052WW-053
15 In. TallWW-151WW-152WW-153
30 In. TallWW-301WW-302WW-303
45 In. TallWW-451WW-452WW-453

Evolution wine wall presentation rack

Evolution Free-standing Racks

E1-4 E1-6 E1-8

Vino Series – Pins & Rails

VinoPins VinoRail Magnum no Collars VinoRail Stemware Rack
VinoRails VinoRail Magnum with Collars
Vino Pin Post 1 SidedVino Pin Post 2 Sided
Vino Rail Post 1 SidedVino Rail Post 2 Sided

Case & Crate – Bins and Lockers

Case & Crate Short Bins/Lockers Case & Crate Tall Bins/Lockers