Thirsty Thursday: Our American Made Mahogany Racks in Mark & Toni’s Coal Fired Pizza

While our Prestige Cellar Series racks are primarily used within the home there’s some fantastic retail applications for them as Mark & Toni’s Coal Fired Pizza found out first hand.

When Nick from Mark & Toni’s Coal Fire Pizza called in he had an idea of what he wanted but our associate Kelly Nulty was quick to assist with some additional questions he had.

The restaurant eventually decided on two of our Premium Series Full Height Solid Diamond Bin Wine Rack in mahogany and two Premium Series 1 Column Individual Bottle Wine Racks in mahogany.

As you can see, the racks came out beautifully and fit well into this upscale restaurant and wine bar. As we’ve discussed before, mahogany’s rich coloring and durability make it a popular choice for all types of projects. While mahogany is a bit more expensive than some of our other wood options the value of it is quite clear.

Remember, if you like what you see but are unsure of what will work in your space then you can always request a custom design. This design is free of charge whether your space is a small wine closet or a massive retail store.

We can provide everything from the wine racks to the cellar door, lighting, cooling unit and more. So, let us be your one stop shop for all your wine cellar needs.