Tips & Tricks For Wine Cellars: Lighting Your Wines and Wine Racks


While every wine rack and cellar differs in form, style and size, the purpose they all share is to protect and display a valuable and delicate treasure: your wine collection.

So, while your racking is important there are a few other details you will want to consider. One of them is lighting. After all, you’re going to want to show off your extensive array of wines!

However, wine safety is critical and not just any lighting will do as you want to make sure you keep your wines at about 55°F.

The LED lighting we offer will help show off your collection without overheating your precious wines as LED lights use 80% less power, produce no UV radiation and generate almost no heat.

As a bonus, LED lighting offers a 50,000-hour lifetime that virtually eliminates the need for replacing the lights.

Whether linear, spotlight or light pool effects, LED lighting creates an evenly lit space with appropriate highlights of bottles, shelves or room elements. All the low-profile lights are designed so that you see the effect but not the fixture. These dimmable lights offer brightness control for luminosity that is always perfect.


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We can provide everything from the wine racks to the cellar door, lighting, cooling unit and more.

So, let us be your one stop shop for all your wine cellar needs.