VintageView Vino Series Posts

April 24, 2022
VintageView Vino Series Posts

The VintageView Vino Series Posts offers an easy, chic way to create floating wine walls. This patent-pending system allows ultimate design flexibility, with Vino Series Mounting Plates able to be spaced at any vertical spacing (starting at 5") and on one, two, three, or four sides. Great against glass, in corners, or anywhere else a project requires sophisticated wine wall racking. To complete the system, add Vino Pins & Rails and match style/number of Mounting Plates; complete Vino Series Floating Wine Kits are also available.

VintageView Vino Series Posts & Panels Specifics:

DIMENSIONS: The Post is a two-piece system constructed of 1.5" x 1.5" steel, extending 120" in height (cut down on site to fit ceiling height).

MUST ADDS: To complete the look, select Vino Pins or Vino Rails wine pegs, and add the matching number of Vino Series Mounting Plates to complete the system.

STYLISH, CONTEMPORARY WINE STORAGE: The perfect intersection of size and storage, this metal wine rack accessory, when used with a Vino Series Post, creates beautiful floating wine rack columns to reach any commercial or residential collection requirements.

DURABLE MATERIAL & SLEEK FINISH: Built with high-quality steel (frame), and offered in four finishes to match or accent Vino Series wine peg color options.

MOVING WINE STORAGE FORWARD: At VintageView, we create the preferred wine racks for design professionals and design-focused DIYers.

Vino Series Mounting Plates

Vino Series Mounting Plates complete the Vino Series Post system*, easily attaching to the Post to hold up to 120 Vino Pins or Rails against glass, in front of stone, in the middle of rooms, or any number of other configurations. Plates are mounted on site to the Post and are designed to hold either Vino Pins (choice of bottle depths) or Vino Rails in choice of wine bottle dimensions.