Wine Cellar Systems to Complete Your Space

April 29, 2022
wine cellar storage systems

We get it. Sometimes you want a gorgeous wine cellar but don't have the time or energy to go through the Custom Wine Cellar Questionnaire. With that said, perhaps you still need some help in figuring out what will fit in your space. Thankfully, that's where our Wine Cellar Systems come in.

Ranging from 2 to 8 feet, we have wine cellar systems for every size budget & space. There's something for everyone, from the 2 Foot Wine Cellar (90 Bottles) that is simple modular racking with a display row to the 8 Foot Wine Cellar (336 Bottles) with its arch and diamond bin.

We also offer the unique 4 Foot Honeycomb Combo that includes bulk storage and is unlike much of what's on the market. All of these complete cellars can also be mixed and matched with any of our Prestige Wine Cellar Racks to further customize your wine storage space.

Complete Wine Cellar Systems

2 Foot Wine Cellar System
8 Foot Wine Cellar System
4 Foot Honeycomb Combo

A customer recently reached out to us after purchasing the 6 Foot Wine Cellar (284 Bottles). Instead of racking the entire wall, she decided to only rack part of it - making the cellar the focal point of the room.

wine cellar systems

"Thanks so much. We were happy with our purchase and all went well."

If you're looking for wine storage then a fantastic place to start is with the Complete Cellar Systems. These are offered in pine, oak, mahogany and black walnut with a variety of stains available.

Our staff is ready to assist in any way they can, even if you have a simple question about one of these cellars. So reach out today by calling 845-658-7181 or emailing us at

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