Wine Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

If you love the idea of a custom wine room but don’t have the space to build one, there are many options available to you.

Take a look at our list of wine storage ideas for small spaces below, for inspiration. Our team designs wood and metal wine storage for under the stairs, narrow openings, and more. If you’re looking for a custom solution for your home, get help from a design specialist. You may find you have more room than you realized, and can have a special storage space to keep your beloved bottles.

Ideas for Small Space Wine Storage

Feature Niche

A shallow alcove can be turned into a focal point utilizing stone veneer on the wall and VintageView Floor to Ceiling Frames - to create label-forward wine storage with flair..

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VintageView Frames

Slim Storage

VintageView Floor to Ceiling Frames can create wine storage along a wall with little floor space – perfect for more slim openings.

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VintageView Frames

Under the Stairs

A small closet under stairs can become an attractive wine cellar – and for a personal touch, corks can be hand-glued to the wall (as our ingenious client did here!).

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Prestige Series Cellar Racks

Versatile Bins

Simple rectangle bin wine racks fit perfectly in nooks and alcoves, and will hold any size wine bottle.

Pine is Fine

Our Pine Cellar Design can be finished with matching side panels and crown molding for that custom built-in look.

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Prestige Series Cellar Racks

Closet Combo

This versatile, Cellar Combo in mahogany fits perfectly in a former closet space.

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Prestige Series Cellar Racks

Maximized Closet Conversion

A small space under a staircase can have new life with our Premium Series and VintageView wall series racks..

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.Prestige Series Cellar Racks

.VintageView Wall Series

Just the Right Accent

Simple yet stylish mahogany racking makes a great focal point in a family room, while providing valuable storage.

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.DIY Cellar Design

.Prestige Series Cellar Racks

Mahogany Racking with Trim

Details delight with our signature mahogany racking, trimmed with fluted and crown molding in a beautiful stone cellar room.

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Prestige Series Cellar Racks

Dining Room Serving Niche

Custom stained wine racking can fill a wall to provide storage and serving space.

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Prestige Series Cellar Racks

Stand Alone Mini-Cellar

Small and tall, this handy design fits snuggly in the right corner, for just the right collection.

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Prestige Series Cellar Racks

Wine Cellar Wow

Our DIY Cellar Combo is a perfect fit in a spare closet or any available small opening.

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5 Foot Wine Cellar

Wine Closet

A wine closet can be as grand or as subtle as you choose. Keep your collection tucked away from sunlight and temptation by transforming an existing closet in your home! Or choose a big, bold and beautiful wine closet that can be fitted in any room. It will also act as a statement piece that your guests will love. Need help Making a Closet Wine Cellar? We’ve got you covered.

Wine Racks for Small Spaces

Specially designed wine racks for small spaces can help you keep your collection organized and on display even without a custom wine room or large kitchen.

Choose from stackable wine racks, tabletop wine racks, and wooden hanging wine racks. You might also consider upgrading your kitchen with wine drawers.

Under Stairs Wine Storage

We have a great small-space wine rack idea for you! If you have space under your stairs that has not been put to much use, why not make the most of it by creating a mini wine cellar? This is a great way to store your fine wine collection and even age them in style. Proper storage of your bottles can also make all the difference to ensure your wines are kept in pristine condition. For example, try storing bottles lying horizontally on a rack or bin to ensure that they do not lose flavor or damage their corks over time. With this simple conversion project, you can enjoy an elegant home wine storage solution that gives you pride in owning perfect wines!

Consider adorning your space with Vino pins and rails, or stackable wine racks. To truly transform this space, request a custom design from our team.

Walk-in Wine Pantry

Creating a wine cellar in your pantry can bring an array of amazing benefits to your home. Not only is it a great way to store and curate your favorite wines, but it also provides you a cool and consistent environment to store bottles in their optimal condition. You can also make sure that any bottles that don't suit your preferences can age until they become ideal for drinking. Other advantages include the potential investment growth of an appreciated vintage and the plethora of luxurious design opportunities available. Redecorating the pantry into a wine cellar is a great way to turn this often neglected area into something you truly cherish!.

Fill your walk-in wine pantry with beautiful wooden wine racks reaching 6.5, 7, or 8 feet depending on your ceiling height, or match upper cabinets and base cabinets.

Wine Display Wall

Showcase your collection with a wine display wall – it won’t take up much space, but makes an impressive statement. Create an artistic, modern design with floating wine rack systems or floor-to-ceiling wine kits. This is a perfect solution when wooden wine racks won’t fit.

Mini Wine Bar

A mini wine bar brings the je ne sais quoi allure of fine dining and wine tasting to your home. This little luxury allows you to recreate treasured memories. Add a new element of excitement to social gatherings with friends, and host until your heart’s content.

Wine Fridges & Mini Wine Cellars

A wine fridge or mini wine cellar prioritizes the quality and preservation of your wine, without the need for a big custom or walk-in cellar. Keep your bottles out of direct sunlight, and at the perfect temperature year-round. A mini wine fridge is a practical solution that works in homes of all sizes.

Design a Solution for Your Space

Looking for more wine storage ideas for small spaces, or wondering how to make the most of the space you have? Our custom design team will help you maximize wine storage for even the coziest homes. Transform a nook, the space under the stairs, or even a spare closet. Request a custom wine storage design today.

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