Kitchen & Dining Wine Storage Ideas

Contemporary or traditional, a focal point or backdrop. Get creative! You don’t need a lot of room nor a separate cellar to put your wine on display and easily within reach where you entertain and dine. We offer wine racks that fit on a counter top or prime wall, or ones that convert a cabinet to storage in no time. Space for a small fridge? Move your wine into a dedicated cooling environment that properly ages your collection and takes up only a small amount of space.

Wine Storage Photos

Convenient and Compact

This small mahogany racking combo fits perfectly in the corner of a dining room, for convenient wine service with charm.

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Premium Series Cellar Racks

From Pantry to Wine Cellar

A converted pantry maximizes space and location. Adjacent to a dining room, this solution provide convenient wine access and a lovely focal point through glass doors.

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Premium Series Cellar Racks

Stemware Storage

VintageView stemware racks make an attractive way to store your glassware in the kitchen and beyond.

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Home Bar Upgrade

Integrating wine storage with a custom bar space can provide a special entertainment hub for your home. Beverage coolers and stemware have a place too!

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Built In Cooling

Small space, perfectly integrated - our wine and beverage coolers can be built-in to your cabinetry, for ideal temperature wine every time.

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Wine Fridge

Custom Back Bar

Both flexible bin and individual bottle storage means the best of both solutions in custom back bar displays.

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Custom Designed Mahogany Bar

Storage and Serving Solution

This small mahogany racking combo fits perfectly in the corner of a dining room, for convenient wine service with charm..

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Prestige Series Cellar Racks

Easy Wall Access

VintageView Vino Pins make for convenient kitchen storage, mounted directly on the wall for easy design at your fingertips.

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VintageView Vino Pins

Space Saving Storage

Turn an odd niche into an attractive feature using our VintageView Floor to Ceiling Frame.

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Contemporary Spotlight

Our VintageView Wall Series in brushed nickel provide convenient access to wine, displayed prominently on a dining room wall.

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VintageView Wall Series

Cabinets Out, Wine In

Diamond bin wine racks replace upper cabinets for this classic wine and stemware storage look.

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Convert a Cabinet

Our Wine Slide & Store system fits within any standard cabinet to transform the ordinary to clever and handy sliding drawers.

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Wine Slide & Store

Keep your wine in reach & organized with our kitchen & dining wine storage solutions. Our wine drawer storage shelves are just one of the many options.