Metal Wine Racks

Metal Wine Racks

Metal Wine Racks - Modern Storage

Is there anything more appealing than an on-trend, contemporary metal wine rack? Our iconic collection includes statement metal wine bottle holders, understated metal floor wine racks, and more elegant styles. The right solution can enhance your collection, or be the inspiration you need to build the wine cellar of your dreams.

Your collection should be celebrated. Wall-mounted metal wine racks make a showpiece of your beloved bottles, and create a space to treasure and nurture your collection.

Add luxury to your home or retail space with metal wine racks designed to inspire passion.

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Our Metal Wine Rack Materials and Finishes

The high-quality metal wine racks in this collection are built to last and hold your bottles with strength you can trust for decades to come.

Many of the wine racks in our VintageView metal wine rack collection are made of steel and known for their superior strength and resilience. Steel is a preferred material for metal wall wine racks, metal floor wine racks, metal hanging wine racks and more. Some designs make use of acrylic as an additional material.

Choose a metal wine rack that appeals to you and add your preferred finish to ensure it perfectly fits your style. Our metal wine racks come in a variety of finishes, depending on your chosen piece. Some of our most popular finishes include the following:

  • Matte Black
  • Gloss Black
  • Chrome
  • Golden Bronze
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Gunmetal
  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose VintageView Metal Wine Racks?

VintageView is one of the best metal wine rack brands available. Its popularity stems from stunning design, high-quality products, and innovation.

VintageView is a trend-setting brand and a leader in design. The patented wall-mounted metal wine racks in the VintageView Wall Series are the original label-forward wine storage solution.

Browse the VintageView W Series, Vino Series and Evolution Series to get inspired and discover the best metal wine rack for your home kitchen, wine cellar, bar or retail store.

Should I Choose a Metal Wall Wine Rack, Metal Floor Wine Rack or a Metal Hanging Wine Rack?

The kind of metal wine rack you choose depends on the space you have, your style, personal preferences and the size of your collection. Consider the following:

  • Metal wall wine racks are ideal for expansive collections at home or in business settings. They enable you to display your bottles throughout your home or behind your bar. Enjoy a refined look without sacrificing space.
  • Metal floor wine racks are often freestanding, or reach from the floor to the ceiling for a magnificent, statement look.
  • Metal hanging wine racks adorn your walls, holding your bottles cork-out or horizontally.
  • Floating metal wine racks in the VintageView W Series are a popular solution to label-forward design.
Should I Choose Wooden or Metal Wine Racks?

Your personal style will determine whether wooden or metal wine racks are right for you. Both materials offer long-lasting, high-quality and attractive solutions to wine storage, and can be used to create visually appealing wooden and metal wine bottle holders and racks.

If you prefer a traditional style, have a passion for hand-crafted work, natural materials and fine products made in the USA, our wooden wine racks may be your first choice.

If you love the contemporary look of finished steel, metal wine racks are the innovative, elegant, premier solution for you. Consider metal if you’re looking for a stunning floor-to-ceiling, label-forward design that puts the focus on your bottles, or wish to create a floating wine effect.

Are Metal Wine Racks Easy to Install?

Yes. Even expansive wall-mounted metal wine racks are easy to install. Our kits ensure you have the key pieces you need to build your wine rack and create the look you envision without difficulty.

How Do I Design My Wine Storage Space?

From metal floor wine racks to metal wine bottle holders, steel solutions come in all shapes and sizes. We serve new wine enthusiasts buying their first wine rack, and those with vast, admirable collections.

Our customers include dedicated individuals, and restaurants, bars and retailers in need of customizable solutions to showcase their stock. We help business owners and homeowners design wine storage spaces to be proud of. Browse our website and find the metal wine rack for you, or request a quote from our custom design services team.