Helix Wine Racks

Helix Wine Racks

The Helix Winerack system has many heights, colors, and bottle depths. At the same time, it offers a unique and simple design that allows for both easy wine bottle retrieval and ease of storage. Helix's revolutionary yet simple design allows for it to be easily installed in your home or wine room.

The Helix wine rack is a modern, minimalist wine rack that is designed to be wall-mounted. Made of metal, this wine rack has a unique, helix-shaped design that allows it to securely hold bottles of wine while taking up minimal space. Because of its design, the Helix wine rack is a great choice for those who want to display their wine bottles stylishly and efficiently. It can be mounted on any wall in your home, making it a great addition to a Wine cellar, dining room, or wine storage.

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Featured Helix Racks

Helix Dual 20 Kit

The Helix Dual 20 rack is one of the best none intrusive wine racks available on the market. With a design that makes the bottles appear to be floating in the air. It is Vintageview's newest addition to its wine storage collection. This wine storage system is perfect as both a centerpiece and normal wine storage. 

Helix Dual 5

The Helix Dual Rack is the perfect center piece rack for your most prized wine. It allows for your wine to be stored and deisplayed in a unique and interesting way. Allowing you to truly take your wine storage space from just a place to store wine to a place to show off your wine. 

Helix Racks

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What is the Helix Wine Rack?

The Helix Wine Rack is a unique and innovative wine storage solution designed to display and organize your wine bottles in a visually striking manner. Its distinctive helix-shaped design gives the illusion that your wine bottles are suspended in mid-air, creating an eye-catching display for any wine enthusiast.

How does the Helix Wine Rack work?

The Helix Wine Rack employs a clever system of concealed supports that securely hold the wine bottles in place while keeping them almost invisible. The rack is mounted on a wall or surface, and the bottles appear as if they are floating, adding an artistic touch to your wine collection.

How many bottles can the Helix Wine Rack hold?

The Helix Wine Rack comes in various sizes to accommodate different collections. The capacity ranges from holding a few bottles to larger models that can display a dozen or more bottles. Check the specific product details for the capacity of the model you choose.

What materials is the Helix Wine Rack made of?

The Helix Wine Rack is crafted from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or sturdy metal alloys, ensuring durability and stability for your wine bottles. The materials are carefully selected to complement the design and provide a seamless blend with any interior.

Can I install the Helix Wine Rack myself?

Yes, the Helix Wine Rack is designed for easy installation and has all the necessary mounting hardware. Detailed installation instructions are provided with each product to guide you through the process. However, if you are uncertain about the installation, it is recommended to seek professional assistance.

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