Floating Wine Rack Systems - W Series

Floating Wine Rack Systems - W Series

Wall Wine Rack Systems - W Series

The VintageView Wall Series is a patented floating wine racks system that features the original label-forward design trusted by interior design and building professionals. This metal wall floating wine rack started the modern wine storage movement with a contemporary style unknown to the industry prior.

Mount directly to the wall surface or mount just about anywhere with Floor to Ceiling Frames.

-Perfect for any size room - residential or commercial
-Completely modular to scale with your wine collection
-Available in several finishes
-Steel construction
-Design services available. 

Most Visited Wine Racks

W Series Big Bottle Rack for 3 to 6 Liter Bottles

The W Series Big Bottle is a 4-bottle tall, wall-mounted wine rack that opens any wall to a modern, label-forward design. Two and a half feet tall, holding up to 6L bottles, our metal wine rack is perfect for those who can define the terms Double Magnum, Jeroboam, and Imperial. Our W Series wall-mounted wine racks are stackable and may be cut, allowing multiple configurations for any wine room project.

W Series Under the Stairs Wine Wall Kit

Utilize the most unused space in your home with under the stairs wine storage. This sophisticated multi-rack kit includes a variety of racking heights to follow the slope of a typical staircase. It comes with simple installation instructions and a recommended layout to help the average DIYer build a modern wine wall in the home that will rival what the best design pros can create.

 W-Series Wine Racks


Q: What is the W Series Wall Wine Rack System?

A: The W Series is a versatile wall-mounted wine rack system designed to securely store and display wine bottles on your wall. It's known for its sleek and modern design.

Q: What are the advantages of using the W Series Wall Wine Rack System?

A: The W Series offers several advantages, including space-saving storage, an elegant display of your wine collection, easy bottle access, and the ability to expand your storage as your collection grows.

Q: Can the W Series accommodate different bottle sizes?

A: Yes, the W Series accommodates various bottle sizes, including standard 750ml wine bottles, larger magnum bottles, and champagne bottles. You can adjust the spacing between the racks to fit your collection.

Q: How do I install the W Series Wall Wine Rack System?

A: The W Series racks typically provide Installation instructions and hardware. You'll need basic tools like a level, a drill, and wall anchors to mount the racks to your wall securely. It's advisable to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation.

Q: Is the W Series Wall Wine Rack System suitable for residential and commercial use?

A: The W Series is suitable for residential and commercial use. It's often used in wine cellars, wine rooms, restaurants, and bars to create stylish and efficient wine storage solutions.

Remember to consult the specific manufacturer's guidelines and instructions for your W Series Wall Wine Rack System, as features and installation procedures may vary slightly between brands and models.

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