Partner Programs

Wine consumption is on the rise - and we’re here to help you maximize these trends and capitalize on providing the best quality solutions and materials on demand.

More and more homeowners are looking to build wine storage in private residence, and more homebuyers are looking to purchase a home with wine storage already featured.

As a partner with Wine Racks, we can offer three distinct program options designed to be fit your specific needs.

Partner Program

Our Preferred Partner Program is designed to give professionals peace of mind when a client is interested in a custom wine storage solution.

Certified Partner Program

Our Certified Partner Program is designed to increase your profit margin through expanding your portfolio to include custom wine storage solutions.

Referral Partner Program

Our Referral Partner Program is designed for those that may be looking to do business or have done business with us in the past and have the desire to refer people to us.

How Our Programs Are Relevant To Your Business

We designed the programs to ensure they were as relevant for you as possible thus generating the maximum level of benefit to you and your business

How Our Programs Are Relevant To Your Business

We designed the programs to ensure they were as relevant for you as possible thus generating the maximum level of benefit to you and your business

Contractors & Home Improvement Specialists

Contractors and Home Improvement

You are often asked to wear many hats. This means you not only need to possess the knowledge and skills necessary to get the job done but you also need access to a network of specialists. After all, it is critical to a project’s success to meet increased client demands with such resources as custom designs and efficient implementation plans. We understand this, which is why as a partner we not only support all your wine storage solution needs but also ensure you are up to speed on industry trends and options.

Architects & Interior Designers


To be considered a trusted resource, as an Architect or Designer, you must remain current with technology, education, materials, and design. More importantly, clients expect you to be able to apply this knowledge towards solving their challenge with an innovatively designed solution. This makes it critical for you to have access to a toolkit to properly illustrate your ideas and partners that can fulfill them and further your awareness of the latest trends as well. We understand this, and is why our catalog is accessible in most design software and we ensure you remain up to speed on the latest trends.

Kitchen & Bath Design Specialists

Kitchen Design

To remain competitive as a Kitchen and Bath Specialist (KBIS), it is essential for you to remain up to speed on the latest industry trends and design techniques. This requires you to dedicate time and resources towards continuing education which as a busy professional is often difficult to do. Using the right toolkit and technology that powers it can also be a challenge as it requires an ongoing commitment from a professional to become and sustain an expertise in the technology. Our partnership programs solve all of that by not only giving you immediate access to 25 years of industry experience but also work with our catalog using software you already have.

Closet & Garage Conversion Specialists

Closet Conversion

A well-placed closet or a sizable garage are two of the most coveted features of any house. However, these spaces are no longer being sought after for just storage but a way for homeowners to carve out something they might not otherwise have room for. Each space and homeowner need are unique thus requiring Closet and Garage Conversion Specialists to be innovative in how they approach every opportunity. To properly address this trend, as a Conversion Specialist, you must constantly look to broaden your skill set so you are prepared to offer solutions that address any/all client needs. We solve this in our partner programs by not only training you on the latest techniques for wine storage design, but also making our library modular and compatible with design software you already have.