small capacity wine racks

Wine Racks for Small Capacity Storage

Less is more! We offer wine racks with small capacity storage for just the right look. If you have only a few bottles or upwards of fifty, our small volume solutions come in an array of shapes and styles. Table-top, free standing, round, square, tall or short – even hanging for a unique display – can work beautifully in your home or business. As always, our selections come in wood and metal to fit just the right décor.

Wine Rack Categories

Small Wine Racks

Small capacity wine racks with capacity of 3 to 50 bottles

Tabletop Wine Racks

Wine racks that fit perfectly on your counter or table top

Wood Wine Racks

Solid wood wine racks

Stackable Wine Racks

Wine racks that stack together to increase capacity as your collection grows

Hanging Wine Racks

Wine racks that can hang on your wall or from the ceiling

Metal Wine Racks

Wine racks made from wrought iron, steel and other metals