Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden Wine Racks

Timeless Wooden Wine Racks - Handmade in America and Built to Last 

Our classic wood wine rack designs are expertly crafted as part of time-honored tradition and respect for wine collection, and curation. Whether you are looking for subtle built-in wine racks, elegant wood wine rack cabinets or distinctive wood wall wine racks, we have the refined, iconic selection you are looking for. We are confident you will find the best wooden wine racks here.

Our Wooden Wine Rack Materials and Finishes

Wood is a stylish choice to display your wine collection. Rest assured wooden wine racks and wood wine cabinets can withstand wine cellar temperatures, and make a long-lasting solution to wine storage. With or without stain, our wooden wine racks are designed to last the lifetime of your cellar.

Selecting wood as your material of choice is the first step towards defining your perfect look - but there are many variations, colors and finishes to choose from to make the piece your own.

Our wooden wine racks are crafted from solid wood and our cabinetry pieces are made from marine-grade real-wood veneer plywood, with either real wood trim or real wood edge banding in the wood species of your choice, perfecting each design. Choose from the following wood species and we will hand-craft a stunning wooden wine rack, wood wine cabinet or built-in wine rack for you:

  • Pine - Sustainably harvested in Maine. Our Northern White Pine is off-white and darkens to a golden hue. Pine wood cabinets bring a light, bright feel to kitchens and wine cellars.
  • Oak - We use pink-tinged, light brown Red Oak often, and are able to source White Oak upon request; either choice makes irresistible wood wine cabinets and racks.
  • Mahogany - A rich red-brown, our Dark Marenti Mahogany is sustainably sourced from Malaysia and Indonesia. A beautiful choice for wooden wine racks of all sizes.
  • Black Walnut - Rich, warm, and dark brown in hue, Black Walnut is highly resistant to decay and incredibly dense, making it a stunning and resilient choice for built-in wine racks

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Wooden Wine Racks Last?

A high quality, handcrafted wooden wine rack from Wineracks.com is built to last a lifetime, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Our expert designers and woodworkers craft only the finest wood wall wine racks, wood wine cabinets, tabletop racks, shelves and more, to enhance your collection.

Where Are Your Wooden Wine Racks Made?

All the wooden wine racks sold by Wineracks.com are handcrafted in the United States of America. Our team is tucked away in Hudson Valley, New York. The breathtaking natural surroundings we're lucky enough to enjoy inspire us to develop the best in wooden wine rack design. We're proud to share our experience of natural beauty with you and bring a taste of it to your home or place of business. We are also the proud Presenters of the Annual Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, New York - always the weekend after Labor Day.

What Species of Wood Are Your Wooden Wine Racks Made From?

Each species has its own color palette, personality and story to tell. We build our custom wooden wine racks in a variety of wood species to craft the perfect look for your space. Many of our wood wall wine racks, freestanding and built in wine racks, wood wine cabinets, shelves and more are available in Mahogany, Oak, Pine, and Black Walnut. Ashy pine and oak designs create a lighter, sunnier yet cooler toned environment, while the stunning rouge of mahogany wine racks and warm brown of black walnut wood wine racks give them a deep, dark and daring appeal. All our woods can be finished to your vision of perfection, or left unfinished. Choose from castle brown, charcoal and gray finishes to create a look you love.

What Does it Take To Build a Wine Cellar from Wood?

We believe that wine and wood go together like your favorite gouda and claret, and have vast experience crafting stunning wooden wine cellars in homes across the nation. Although building a wooden wine cellar is an investment, the cost and time committed to this project depend on your requirements. When you choose to build a wood wine cellar with our team, we will create a structure that enables the perfect temperature and humidity to protect and preserve your collection year-round. Our design team will talk you through how to build a winer cellar - choosing flooring, windows, freestanding and built-in wall wine racks, décor, wine cellar ladders, wine rack cabinet ideas and more. From framing your wine cellar to finishing it, we will create a luxurious space in your home or place of business, dedicated to your passion.

Which Wooden Wine Racks Should I Choose for My Wine Cellar?

From wood wall wine racks to built-in wine racks, choosing the right solution to wine storage within your cellar can be overwhelming. Our talented design team can help you choose the right wine storage solution for your home or business space, but here are a few pointers to bear in mind:

Make your choice depending on whether you need to store wine in bulk, or showcase a carefully curated collection. Wooden wine storage is suitable for individual collectors and retailers.
Wooden wine storage crates can help retailers keep wine stored safely, and wood wine display racks can be used to market your bottles to your customers.
Include some wood wine bottle racks and cabinets that help you use space wisely as part of your design.
Choose tabletop wine holders crafted in wood for individual, favorite bottles that deserve to stand out.
Consider label-forward solutions to easily find the bottles you’re looking for, and enjoy browsing your collection.
Consider popular wine cooler solutions.
Buy wine racks that are high quality and designed to stand the test of time.

Contact our design team for freestanding and built-in wine rack ideas tailored to your space, and for help choosing the best wooden wine racks for your unique home or business needs.

If you have larger bottles to store or display, check out our Magnum Wine Bottle Racks - also great for Champagne bottle storage!

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