8 Foot Wine Rack Kits

8 Foot Wine Rack Kits

The 8 ft Wine Rack is a perfect rack for any storage space, your wine store, or your personal wine cellar. They work great with any collector either looking to start a new collection or with a preexisting collection and are looking to expand their collection. Various finishes, stains, and additional options allow you to create the perfect rack for your desired space. We also offer custom designs provided by one of our on-hand and on-demand designers. 

All Products have a lead time of 2-4 weeks. However, lead time can vary based on the quantity ordered.

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6 Column Wine Rack

The six-foot wine rack display is perfect for wine enthusiasts and sellers. The 6 ft wine display offers casual enthusiasts a pristine look and great storage capacity. It takes up a relatively low amount of floor space, especailly compared to its compacity. 

The 6 Column Wine Rack is a stylish and functional storage solution for wine enthusiasts and collectors. This wine rack is designed to hold up to six columns of wine bottles, providing ample space to showcase and organize your wine collection.

3 Column Rack with Display

Showcase your wine collection with sophistication using our Elegant 3-Column Wine Rack with Display. Crafted from premium wood and finished with a rich stain, this rack exudes luxury and charm. It is designed to hold up to 69 bottles.

The 3-Column Rack with Display is a versatile and visually appealing wine storage solution that combines functionality with an elegant display feature. This wine rack is designed to accommodate up to three columns of wine bottles.

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What are the dimensions of the 8 ft wine rack?

Our 8 ft wine rack measures 8 feet in height, making it an excellent choice for storing and displaying a large wine collection. The width and depth may vary depending on the specific model, so please refer to the product details for accurate measurements.

How many bottles can the 8 ft wine rack hold?

The capacity of our 8 ft wine rack depends on the design and configuration. On average, it can accommodate approximately 23-150 standard-sized wine bottles. However, the exact number may vary based on bottle size and shape.

Is the 8 ft wine rack freestanding or wall-mounted?

Our 8 ft wine rack is a freestanding unit designed to stand securely on the floor. It does not require wall mounting, providing you the flexibility to place it in any suitable location within your space.

What materials are used to construct the 8 ft wine rack?

Our 8 ft wine racks are crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. The construction may include premium wood, such as mahogany or oak, or a combination of wood and metal elements. The specific materials will be listed in the product description for each model.

Can the 8 ft wine rack be customized or modified?

While our 8 ft wine racks are designed to offer a beautiful and functional storage solution, customization options may be available depending on the specific model. We recommend contacting our customer support team to discuss your customization requirements.

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