Double Deep Racking

Double Deep Racking

Double Deep Wine Racks

Double Deep Wood Wine Racks are an excellent choice for wine enthusiasts and collectors who value both functionality and the natural beauty of wood. These racks are specifically designed to provide efficient wine storage and display options for your wine bottles, while the wood construction adds a touch of elegance to any space.

With the double deep design, these wine racks offer twice the storage capacity compared to single-row racks, allowing you to maximize your wine collection while still maintaining easy access to each bottle. The front row is typically elevated or tilted for optimal visibility and presentation of your wine labels.

All Products have a lead time of 2-4 weeks. However, lead time can vary based on the quantity ordered.

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120 Bottle Double Deep Wine Racks

This Double Deep Rack is designed for deep, long-term storage. Using a double deep design, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their wine cellars to maximize storage space. In addition, these racks are for any business looking to upgrade its wine racks and storage. In addition, it is a perfect addition to any showroom looking to store many wine bottles at any one time. 

120 Bottle Double Deep Upper Rack

Design to work in tandem with the base 120 double-deep rack. It works by being placed on top of the standard 120-double-deep wine rack. This is great for anyone trying to maximize how many bottles you can store per square foot. It is also perfect for any store looking to maximize how many bottles you can have on your showroom floor at any one time. 

Featured Products


Q: What is a double-deep wine rack?

A: A double-deep wine rack is a type of wine storage system that allows you to store bottles in two rows, with one row placed behind the other. This design maximizes the rack's storage capacity while still providing easy access to your wine bottles.

Q: How does a double-deep wine rack work?

A: The double deep wine rack utilizes a system where the front row of bottles is accessible from the front of the rack, while the back row is accessible by pulling out the front row. This design allows you to store twice as many bottles in the same amount of space as a single deep rack.

Q: What are the benefits of using a double-deep wine rack?

A: The main benefit of a double-deep wine rack is its increased storage capacity. If you have a large wine collection and limited space, a double deep rack can help you store more bottles in a smaller footprint. It also provides a clean and organized way to display your wine collection.

Q: Are there any drawbacks to using a double-deep wine rack?

A: One potential drawback of a double deep wine rack is that accessing bottles from the back row requires moving or removing bottles from the front row. This can be slightly more time-consuming and may require rearranging if you frequently access bottles from the back row. Additionally, it's important to label or arrange your bottles to make it easy to identify and retrieve the desired bottle.

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