Upper Cabinet Wine Racks

Upper Cabinet Wine Racks

Upper Cabinet Wine Racks 

Our Upper Cabinet Wine Racks are an ideal choice for any wine enthusiast. Bring your cellar to the next level by maximizing its efficiency with our wide range of upper racks in various heights. Additionally, since they can be combined with base racks, you’ll have the perfect set-up for all of your treasured vintages, no matter how tall or short the cellar itself may be.

  • Choose from individual bottle storage, case bins or diamond bins
  • 12 3/8" deep to fully support your bottles
  • Handmade in America Available in Pine, Oak, Mahogany & Black Walnut
  • Available unfinished or choose from 6 different finish options
  • Factory direct pricing!

All Products have a lead time of 2-4 weeks. However, lead time can vary based on the quantity ordered.

Featured Wine Racks

3 Column- Upper Rack

The three-column upper is the perfect blend of minimalism and storage, with a nice minimalist design that works perfectly in multiple locations. It can fit perfectly on top of your already pre-existing wine storage collection. In addition, it is a nonintrusive wine rack. Allowing you to put it in your dining room, kitchen, bar, or anywhere 

Waterfall Upper Rack

The Water Fall Upper rack is the perfect capstone piece or accent piece for anyone looking to bring a little flare to their cellar.  It helps to bring out the true character of the collection and emphasis both what is in this rack and the racks around it—making it the perfect piece for any new or old wine enjoyer. 

Featured Upper Cabinet Wine Racks


Q: What is an upper cabinet wine rack?

An upper cabinet wine rack is a storage solution designed to be installed in the upper section of a kitchen cabinet. It is specifically designed to hold and display wine bottles securely and conveniently. These wine racks are often made of various materials such as wood, metal, or acrylic and come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate different bottle capacities.

Q: How does an upper cabinet wine rack work?

An upper cabinet wine rack typically consists of individual slots or compartments that securely hold wine bottles in a horizontal position. The horizontal storage is essential because it keeps the cork moist and prevents it from drying out, ensuring the wine remains in good condition. The wine bottles are usually stored neck-down, with the body of the bottle resting horizontally.

Q: What are the benefits of using an upper cabinet wine rack?

  • Space-saving: Since the wine rack is installed in the upper section of a cabinet, it makes efficient use of vertical space and doesn't occupy valuable counter or floor space.
  • Convenient access: The wine bottles are stored within easy reach, making it convenient for you to select and retrieve a bottle without the need to bend down or search through a cellar or a traditional wine cabinet.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: An upper cabinet wine rack can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. It allows you to showcase your wine collection, turning it into a decorative element.

Q: How do I install an upper cabinet wine rack?

The installation process can vary depending on the specific wine rack you purchase. However, most upper cabinet wine racks are designed to be easily mounted inside a cabinet using screws or other mounting hardware. It's essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation carefully. If you're unsure about the process, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a professional handyman or carpenter.

Q: How many wine bottles can an upper cabinet wine rack hold?

The number of wine bottles an upper cabinet wine rack can hold depends on its size and design. These wine racks come in various configurations, with some holding only a few bottles (e.g., 3 to 6 bottles) and others accommodating more extensive collections (e.g., 12 to 24 bottles). Before purchasing a wine rack, consider the size of your wine collection and choose one that fits your needs.

Q: Are there any safety considerations for using an upper cabinet wine rack?

Safety is essential when using an upper cabinet wine rack, especially if it is installed in an area that is frequently accessed or where there might be children. Here are some safety considerations:

  • Ensure the wine rack is securely and properly installed to prevent it from falling or becoming unstable.
  • Don't overload the wine rack beyond its recommended capacity, as this could lead to instability.
  • If the wine rack has sharp edges or protruding parts, ensure it is installed in a location where it won't pose a hazard to people passing by.
  • Keep the wine rack away from direct heat sources, as excessive heat can affect the quality of the wine.

Q: Can I use an upper cabinet wine rack for purposes other than storing wine bottles?

While an upper cabinet wine rack is specifically designed for wine bottles, there's no strict rule against using it for other items. Some people use these racks to store bottles of vinegar, olive oil, or other condiments. Additionally, the racks could be used creatively to store rolled-up dish towels or other kitchen utensils. However, if you choose to use the wine rack for non-wine items, make sure that it doesn't compromise the stability or safety of the rack.

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