RediCellar Wine Storage Units

RediCellar Wine Storage Units

Experience the epitome of luxury wine storage with our meticulously crafted Redi Cellar system. Designed to cater to all your wine storage needs, this complete cellar system embodies elegance, functionality, and unrivaled craftsmanship.

With an extensive range of options available, including varying widths, heights, and bottle capacities, the Redi Cellar system offers a tailored solution for every wine enthusiast. Whether you're curating a modest collection of 75 bottles or showcasing an extensive array of 400+ vintages, our systems provide the ideal wine rack configurations to accommodate your specific requirements.

All Products have a lead time of 2-4 weeks. However, lead time can vary based on the quantity ordered.


Most Viewed Wine Storage

8 Foot Wine Cellar Unit

With a remarkable capacity of 390 bottles, this Redi Cellar features diamond style racking to accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. This ensures that your entire collection can be stored securely while preserving the integrity of each bottle. But this wine rack is not just about storage; it's also about creating a luxurious wine-tasting experience. The tasting area allows you to indulge in the pleasure of opening and enjoying your bottles with fellow wine lovers. To enhance the convenience and elegance of the tasting area, this Redi Cellar includes dedicated stemware storage. This thoughtful addition ensures that your wine glasses are easily accessible.

5 Foot Wine Cellar Unit

Boasting an impressive capacity for its size, 178 bottles, this Redi Cellar combines versatile storage and elegant display options into a single, captivating wine rack. Featuring a diamond style rack, ingeniously crafted to accommodate a variety of bottle shapes with effortless grace and a label-up rack feature, allowing you to proudly showcase your favorite labels and vineyards. Unleash your inner sommelier with the tasting arch, carefully integrated into the design. This elegant feature invites you and your fellow vinophiles to gather in the comfort of your wine cellar, savoring the rich aromas and flavors of your curated collection.

Our RediCellar Systems 

(Previously know as Complete Wine Cellar system)

Complete Wine Cellar Storage Systems
Experience the ultimate solution for elegantly storing your prized wine collection with Redi Cellar, our comprehensive wine cellar storage system. Say goodbye to configuration challenges and decision fatigue, as our expertly designed systems take care of all the intricate details for you.

Select Your Custom Cellar System
Elevate your wine storage and indulge in the seamless combination of form and function with our Redi Cellar wine racks. Discover the perfect wine rack that aligns with your discerning taste and elevates your collection and home to new heights of sophistication.

A Design for Every Wine Room
Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities as you curate your ideal wine storage system. Experience in the luxury of versatility with our ready made wine cellar storage systems, meticulously crafted to accommodate a wide range of dimensions.

Your Complete Cellar Storage System is Waiting
Enjoy the convenience of ready-to-assemble wine cellar storage cabinetry and racks, tailored to accommodate wine closets, wine rooms, and everything in between. Embrace the versatility of our Redi Cellar designs, allowing you to curate a space that exudes sophistication and showcases your collection

Quality Wooden Craftsmanship
Each Redi Cellar system is expertly manufactured using premium-grade materials and are meticulously handmade right here in the U.S.A. Discover a world of possibilities as you choose from our range of options. Embrace the natural warmth of Pine, the classic allure of Oak, the rich sophistication of Mahogany, or the contemporary charm of Black Walnut. Whatever your preference, our selection offers unparalleled quality and versatility to meet your discerning taste.

Our Wine Storage Units

FAQs on Our Wine Storage Units

Q: What is the Redicellar Wine Rack Storage System?

A: The Redicellar Wine Rack Storage System is a premium wine storage solution designed to provide secure and organized storage for your wine collection. It features a range of wine racks and accompanying accessories that offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Q: Can the Redicellar Wine Rack Storage System accommodate different bottle sizes?

A: Yes, the Redicellar Wine Rack Storage System is designed to accommodate various bottle sizes, including standard 750ml bottles, magnums, and other non-standard formats. It provides flexible configurations and adjustable rack components to adapt to different bottle shapes and sizes.

Q: Are there options for displaying or showcasing wine bottles in the Redicellar system?

A: Yes, the Redicellar Wine Rack Storage System offers options for showcasing and displaying wine bottles. It may include features such as display shelves, integrated LED lighting, or transparent materials to highlight select bottles or create an appealing visual presentation.

Q: Can the Redicellar wine racks be customized or expanded?

A: Yes, the Redicellar Wine Rack Storage System is designed to be customizable and expandable. It offers modular components and flexible configurations, allowing you to adapt the system to your changing storage needs. You can add or remove racks, adjust shelf heights, or combine different modules as required.

Q: Is the Redicellar Wine Rack Storage System easy to assemble?

A: Yes, the Redicellar Wine Rack Storage System is designed for easy assembly. It typically comes with clear instructions and all necessary hardware for installation. However, complex or large-scale installations may require professional assistance for optimal results.

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