Wine Drawers

Wine Drawers

Wine Drawers

We here at understand that not everyone has a collection that necessitates a large wine cellar complete with climate control. Kitchen wine racks that fit on your counter (or built into cabinets) are growing in popularity. Our Wine Slides are wine rack cabinet inserts that are perfect for the wine drinker with a drawer or two to spare in their kitchen. These slides are available in 12 bottle, 18 bottle, or 24 bottle sizes. These wine rack cabinet inserts are designed to slip right into a drawer and seamlessly slide out as needed. Great for grabbing and going while entertaining.

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What is a Wine Drawer?

A Wine Drawer is a product designed to store and organize wine bottles efficiently. It typically features sliding drawers or racks that can hold multiple wine bottles securely, keeping them horizontal to preserve the wine's quality.

How many bottles can a Wine Drawer hold?

The capacity of a Wine Drawer can vary depending on the model and size you choose. Some Wine Drawers can hold as few as 12 bottles, while larger ones can accommodate over 24 bottles.

What materials are Wine Drawers made from?

Wine Drawers are commonly made from various materials, with wood and metal being the most popular choices. Wooden Wine Drawers often have an elegant and classic look, while metal ones offer a more modern and industrial feel.

Do Wine Drawers have temperature control features?

Most Wine Drawers do not have built-in temperature control features. They are primarily designed for storage and organization purposes. However, some advanced wine storage cabinets or units might include temperature and humidity control for more extensive wine collections.

Can Wine Drawers fit different bottle sizes?

Yes, many Wine Drawers are designed to accommodate standard wine bottle sizes. However, there are also models that have adjustable racks or compartments to fit larger or irregularly shaped wine bottles, such as magnums or champagne bottles.

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